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Entrust Appropriate Body Service

Entrust Appropriate Body Service

Entrust Appropriate Body Service

Entrust provides a comprehensive service as the Appropriate Body which includes:
  • Registration of the NQT on the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) NQT database
  • Receipt, processing and maintenance of all required records and assessment reports
  • Determination of the length of induction
  • Final decision on whether the NQT has demonstrated satisfactory performance against the Teachers’ Standards, based on the Headteacher’s/ Principal’s recommendations
  • Notification of completion of NQT induction status to the TRA
  • Confidential advice and guidance with a named contact for induction mentors, Headteachers and NQTs.
  • Guidance for induction mentors including website based documentation and handbook
  • Knowledgeable, experienced consultants for expert advice
  • An online management tool, Entrust NQT Manager, to manage the induction and assessment process.

Entrust NQT Manager

To enhance the management of the induction process, Entrust offers a nationally recognised, online system, which enables schools to access and complete assessments with ease.

Benefits of Entrust NQT Manager:
  • Quick and easy access to view information about the NQT’s induction period including start and end dates, assessment due dates and all previously submitted assessments
  • Secure online submissions of assessments
  • Automatic TRA Employer Access checks during registration to ensure that NQTs have QTS
  • Automated reminders when assessments are due for completion online
  • Easy access to materials to support the induction process
  • On demand training to support mentors in managing the induction process
  • Secure storage of assessments online
  • Technical help readily available, both online and through a dedicated helpline.


NQTSpace Development Approach

The NQTSpace Development Approach is based upon a self-evaluation, development and review cycle. NQTSpace provides a variety of professional development on-demand training sessions, alongside a wealth of resources to help address areas of development to meet the Teachers’ Standards. NQTs may wish to complete each stage independently, or work in partnership with the NQT mentor to complement the mentoring received in school. For those teachers who have recently successfully completed the NQT induction, the NQTSpace development approach will provide structure and guidance for moving into the performance management process.

The NQTSpace Development Approach:

Self-Evaluation against the Teachers’ Standards

The self-evaluation tool, based on the Teachers’ Standards, is easy to use and is accessible throughout the induction period. It can be completed independently or alongside the NQT mentor as part of the termly progress reviews. Once completed, the self-evaluation tool will highlight the NQT’s strengths and areas for further development to feed into the NQT development plan.

The self-evaluation uses a simple RAG rating. The RAG system is a popular method of rating for issues or status reports, based on Red, Amber and Green colours used in a traffic light system.

Professional Development

Once completed, the self-evaluation will identify which Teachers’ Standards require further development.

Written by a team of experts in education, our on-demand professional development activities provide the training and guidance needed to support the NQT in developing their professional practice. Our Professional Development activities are directly linked to the Teachers’ Standards as well as providing guidance on understanding the induction process and managing teacher wellbeing and workload.

You can find out more about our Professional Development here.


NQTSpace provides a wide range of high quality resources to support NQTs, including:

Top Tips: providing invaluable advice and guidance for successful teaching and wellbeing
Thought Leadership Articles: written by experts and covering a wide range of topics to develop teachers’ professional practice
Induction Resources and Newsletters: useful resources and templates to help organise and manage NQT induction
Latest News: keeps NQTs up to date with the latest news in education

Ask the Expert

Every month, NQTSpace invites an expert to answer Frequently Asked Questions relating to their field of expertise within education. NQTSpace subscribers can benefit further by submitting their own questions for our experts to answer.


Access peer-to-peer support.

Search our database and connect with other NQTs to create a network of support. Match with those in the same school type, phase or who teach the same subject.

Find out more on our NQTConnect page here.

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